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From m.@mherrn.de
Subject RE: How to assert that a document is done loading
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2012 13:40:05 GMT

> Marco- the only way i know to trigger the attribute to either hide or make
> visible for your loaded image is.. to load images where you know the Full
> length of the image beforehandin other words the image format of the image
> you are loading would need to support some manner of Run Length Encoding
> e.g. Truevision TGA, PackBits, PCX and or
> ILBM.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Run-length_encoding

I am not sure you understood me correctly. I don't want to show/hide
Bitmap graphics. Actually what I want isn't even related to setting an
attribute (as in my example).

What I mean is, either I need to utilize the
SVGLoadEventDispatcherListener to access the DOM (otherwise
JSVGComponent#getSVGDocument() would return null), if the loading isn't
completed yet. Or I need to avoid such a Listener, if the loading was
finished already (otherwise nothing would happen, since the Listener
wouldn't be triggered).

The problem is: I can't know whether the loading of the SVG document has
finished or not. So I need a way that _always_ works.


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