Hi Rolf,
   What you describe sounds like a plausible chain of events.

   A small standalone example would be a good first step.
   Filing a bug with the example would be a great second step.
   Providing a patch for the bug would be a fabulous third step.


On Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 8:08 AM, Rolf Sigg <rolf.sigg@ergon.ch> wrote:

In our web application, we create dynamic pie charts with JFreeChart. Depending on the browser brand and version, we output bitmaps or SVG. The SVG code is produced by batik SVGGraphics2D.

We noticed that some pie charts were empty if rendered as SVG but showing correctly if rendered as a bitmap (using java BufferedImage.createGraphics()). After some investigation I found that for the faulty charts, batik produces SVG paths with elliptical arcs that have the same start- and end point. The SVG specification states that such arcs are omitted (http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG11/implnote.html#ArcOutOfRangeParameters). Therefore, the SVG renderers in the browsers (correctly) skip these path segments resulting in faulty chart display.

However, in the Graphics2D API it is ok to represent circles by arcs. Arc2D are defined by the bounding rectangle without restriction.

Since the input API of SVGGraphics2D is Graphics2D, I would expect batik to generate (visible) SVG representing every valid java input. Therefore I think this is a bug in SVGGraphics2D.

Do you agree? Do I miss something?


P.S. Increasing the numeric precision may help in some situations. For me this may be a workaround, but not a solution.

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