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From "Falko Ortolf" <falko.ort...@ovidius.com>
Subject Rasterizer: Font size changes depenend on output resolution
Date Tue, 13 Nov 2012 16:31:53 GMT


I convert SVG files via Batik Rasterizer to JPG files.

I noticed that the font size gets bigger, if I convert the SVG to a JPG file
with a higher resolution.


I examined this and it appears that the font size only blows up, if the
font-size information is provided by a CSS class which is defined in an
embedded CSS segment in the SVG file.


To verify this I created a SVG file which uses @class to get CSS information
and also @style. The text formatted with @class changes size, the one
formatted with @style doesn't. I attached this SVG file and both outputs to
this mail.


Very baffling to me is that the font size information is regarded. But for
some reason it makes a difference where the CSS information comes from.


Can anyone please explain this to me? Is there some way to use @class and
still get a stable font-size?

Best Regards

Falko Ortolf 

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