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From ard <ard_hoff...@yahoo.com>
Subject scaling SVG Document
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2012 20:57:08 GMT
I'm trying to scale the entire contents of an SVG Document in memory. Is there a
pre-written method to do this? I've been searching the Batik documentation
around SVGDOMImplementation but haven't found anything.

If there isn't, to write such a method, it seems the procedure would be to add a
group element which groups the entire contents of the svg, append a use element
with a transform attribute, and modify the height and width attributes of the
svg element. 

For this, is it necessary to parse the original svg, then output the modified
svg into another SVG Document, or is there a pre-written method allowing to, for
example, insert a group element which groups the entire svg content?

Regarding this, I noticed the method 

Element SVGDOMImplementation.GElementFactory.create(String prefix, Document doc) 

but I don't understand it's usage. Any pointers on where to look for
information, ideally a usage example, would be greatly appreciated.

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