What is the recommended version of Batik? The website shows 1.7 as the current release, wikipedia lists it as released in Jan 2008, almost five years ago. However from this list and the development list, it looks like development has been active since then.

The download links on the website


don't work for me - they are currently broken.

I'm not sure which version I have currently, I can't see release notes (perhaps I only imported the JARs). In any case I tried replacing a method call with a copy and pasted section from the nightly source snapshot to help debug a problem and it fixed it. Therefore it seems a good idea to try and get the whole nightly snapshot working - there are a couple of bits that don't compile at the moment, e.g.

org.apache.batik.swing.svg.AbstractJSVGComponent line 442:


'Cannot cast from JGVTComponent.Listener to AbstractJSVGComponent.SVGListener'

This may be something specific to my system (OS X mountain lion, Java 7).

Is it worth persevering and getting this to work do you think? Is nightly recommended, are there a lot of bugfixes since the last release?