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From Simo Hakanen <simo.haka...@x-akseli.fi>
Subject Proper way to change visible layer
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2014 10:21:14 GMT

We're using batik (latest trunk) in an application
that mainly displays 2 different layers. Both layers
display some text and images loaded from disk.

The svg is made with inkscape and the layers are just

In the application we change the layer on fixed intervals
using the SVGStylableElement-interface to set
display to either 'inline' or 'none'.

Doing so causes a memory leak somewhere in the
batik processing since after some days we can
see a buildup of BridgeContext$EventListenerMememto
and BridgeContext$SoftReferenceMememto. These
can grow up to 900k in count. That doesn't cause
OutOfMemoryException but it slows the machine
running the application to unusable since it's
constantly running Garbage Collection.

Now, what would be the correct way to change
the layers so these Mememtos would be cleared?

Simo Hakanen


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