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From "Jan Tosovsky" <j.tosov...@tiscali.cz>
Subject RE: Batik PDF 'rasterizer' rasterizes objects under the mask
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2015 21:11:47 GMT
On 2011-05-29 Jan Tosovsky wrote:
> I rely on mask in my SVG image (simplified test case enclosed) but when
> it is later converted into the PDF format, all the objects underneath
> that mask are rasterized. Although the final quality can be set via the
> dpi attribute, I would prefer vector nature of these objects (btw, it
> drastically reduces the final file size). Is there any option or
> approach to avoid this rasterizing? Or is this behaviour by design?

While I found this years ago, there is no progress in the current trunk (I
am not complaining). Are there any plans to improve this in foreseeable

Actually I am looking for ANY tool for RELIABLE SVG to vector PDF conversion
and so far only Batik can process some advanced SVG features I rely on. But
when my object are below the mask, they are rasterized, which is currently a
blocker for me.

Couldn't be this somehow enhanced with the help of firefox/chrome source
code? Their current SVG support is amazing, but AFAIK the canvas can't be
exported as vector PDF :-(


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