I am trying to build a testing environment for SVG animation publishing and to evaluate Batik for this task.

For this I need to be able to walk through the DOM "scene graph" of SVG elements at a given time (i.e. verifying all elements are at expected positions, with expected local transforms or attributes etc.).

I tried to set up SVG animation handling though I am not able to obtain any means to perform this walkthrough.

The initial code looks like this (some simplifications apply):
String parser = "org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser";
BatikParserFactory factory = new BatikParserFactory(parser, true); // own class to get a proper XML/SAX parser
SVGOMDocument document = (SVGOMDocument) factory.createDocument("svg_animation_test_001.svg");
TestUserAgent userAgent = new TestUserAgent(); // from Batik's testing suite
SVG12BridgeContext bridge = new SVG12BridgeContext(userAgent);
CSSEngine cssEngine = ((SVGDOMImplementation) document.getImplementation()).createCSSEngine(document, bridge);
SVGAnimationEngine engine = new SVGAnimationEngine(document, bridge);

So at this point I have a SVG document that is parsed, DOM built and time set to 2 seconds. However, I don't know how to obtain any instance allowing me to traverse through DOM corresponding to the given time. I noticed SVGAnimationEngine has a method createDocumentRoot returning TimedDocumentRoot which might be something similar to what I need, however this method is protected and hence not accessible.

Is there any client-side mean for inspecting DOM at a given time? Some class instance I can get or callbacks I can register to?

Thank you!