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From "Frederick Evers" <fev...@siebel.com>
Subject FOP, SVG and external-graphic Question
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2001 16:36:59 GMT

Dear FOP List Members,

> I am having trouble combining external-graphics and SVG graphics in FOP.
> I would like to use SVG to open a viewport containing both svg graphics
> and external-graphics [gifs, jpgs, pngs] .  
> If I format the raster images in a typical manner, as
> fo:external-graphics, fop generates PDFs with rasters fine.
> If I format svg images in a typical manner fo:instream-foreign-object, fop
> generates PDF w/ svg fine.
> But if I try to combine them, FOP will not render the raster images. I am
> trying to use svg to create a line pointing from one raster image to
> another. I would like place several raster images and several SVG elements
> into one viewport so that I can position them reliably. Neither the svg
> examples nor the images examples shows how to combine svg and
> external-graphics. Can anybody help me with this?
> Here is the code of what I would LIKE to do:
> 	<fo:block space-before.optimum="10pt" space-after.optimum="30pt"
> keep-with-previous="1">
> 	<!-- the next line, creating  raster image, works OK, but its
> position vis-a-vis the svg does not work in my situation -->
> 	 <fo:external-graphic height="75px" width="40px" x="240" y="240"
> src="images/4.jpg"/>
> 	 <fo:instream-foreign-object xmlns:svg="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg">
> 	 <svg:svg width="1000" height="760">
>         <!-- the next lines, creating  raster images, do not work -->
> 	   <fo:external-graphic src="images\4.jpg" x="240" y="240"
> width="42px" height="98px"/>
> 	   <fo:external-graphic src="images\Image1.gif" x="320" y="240"
> width="461px" height="377px"/>
> 	 <!-- the next lines, creating svg image, works fine -->
> 	   <svg:g style="fill:none; stroke:#ff0000; stroke-width:3px">
> 	    <svg:line x1="280" y1="270" x2="400" y2="276"/>
> 	   </svg:g>
> 	  </svg:svg>
> 	 </fo:instream-foreign-object>
> 	</fo:block> 
> Thanks!
> Fred Evers

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