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From L'eau <li_l...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: I get a mysterious NoClassDefFoundError
Date Thu, 02 May 2002 08:24:49 GMT

AAhh i see. Thanx. I ignored That batch file, because it had the
jimi.jar in it's path, and since that jar didn't come with my
download I assumed that batch was for something totally
different. Any idea where I can get a copy of the jimi.jar? I'm
thinking that if I simply have that, it will solve all my
problems. If I download an old copy of FOP, and use THAT
jimi.jar, might it work in the latest FOP?


--- Jeff_Mitchell@accessbusinessgroup.com wrote:
> Devon-
> OK, I'm confused too.  I don't have a jimi-1.0.jar (or any
> jimi*.jar, for
> that matter)  I'm attaching the .bat that came with my
> download (I
> downloaded last Friday, so I would think they'd be the same,
> since the
> download directory we both pulled from shows the package being
> last
> uploaded on March 4th.
> I don't think it'll make any difference, though, since you
> seem to be
> including everything that is there.  I'm not familiar enough
> with Java
> (I've done a little programming in it, but when apps start
> using multiple
> jars, it becomes black magic to me) to have any answer, other
> than using
> the .bat file that works for me.  I do think you're correct in
> the
> assumption that your OS shouldn't matter (I'm on XP, BTW.)
> Here are the contents of my batch file:
> java -cp
> org.apache.fop.apps.Fop -c conf/userconfig.xml %1 %2 %3 %4 %5
> %6 %7 %8
> It should be untouched from the time I downloaded it, other
> than the -c
> conf/userconfig.xml parameter I added to use some custom
> fonts.  Hope that
> helps.  If not, post back, and perhaps someone wiser than I
> can help.
> -Jeff

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