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From "J.Pietschmann" <j3322...@yahoo.de>
Subject Re: step-by-step instructions how to print Chinese in PDF?
Date Fri, 10 May 2002 18:07:35 GMT
Argyn Kuketayev wrote:
 > I don't see anything about Chinese letters in font metrics xml files. Btw, I
 > don't speak Chinese :) I can't change locale or regional settings on the PC
 > due to deployment restrictions. What glyphs are for Chinese? I'm using UTF-8
 > encoding.

You are supposed to try a *bit* harder. The Unicode consortium
is responsible for allocating character codes. The have a sort
of character names index online
You'll have to search this, or by The Unicode Book
and look up character codes which you need. I don't speak chinese,
nor do I have any chinese fonts on my computer, I can't help you
any further on this particular problem.
Once you know which Unicode codepoints you are going to use,
locate a font. Look into you Windows Font directory, or, better,
use the character table utility. The character table utility
will tell you for the selected fonts whether it is a unicode
font, and if so, you can pick a character and get the Unicode
code point.
After you've located a font, check with the font directory to get
the windows file name. It should be a TrueType font file ending
in .ttf.
Follow the instructions in docs/html-docs/fonts.html to generate
a font metrics file and register the font with FOP. You'll have
to do this yourself.
Prepare a FO document with some characters you think should be
chinese script, and run it through FOP. It is possible that you
are required to explicitely select the font with the proper glyphs.
If you see sharp signs ('#') where you expect the chinese script
to be this means you've screwed up somewhere.


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