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From "Ben Rockwood" <BRockw...@homestead-inc.com>
Subject FOP justifying problem
Date Wed, 01 May 2002 20:22:37 GMT

I just started using FOP and I really like it so far.  However
I'm running into a problem and noticed it mentioned in this lists
archives, so I joined.

I have a DocBook XML that I've converted to FO via XSLTproc.
I've rendered it using both RenderX (the eval) and FOP.
The diffrence is that areas of the document that should no apply
to normal justifying rules (namely <screen> and <programlisting>)
are being justified.

As mentioned by someone on this list eariler, I modified my
docbook-xsl-0.50/fo/param.xsl alignment parameter to "left" 
instead of "justify", which fixes the problem, but isn't 
all that pretty.

I'm bothered by this because when I take the same FO file and
run it through RenderX and FOP, the RenderX PDF looks perfect.
It has everything nicely justified throughout to fill the page
with the exception of the <programlisting> and <screen> sections
which are aligned from the left as they should be, since they don't
apply to the standard justification rules.  When I run this same FO
through FOP I get a doc where everything is justified the same, whether
or not it's in a <screen>, so my sample output (from commands and stuff)
is almost unreadable since the columns don't line up.

Because of this, I can't seem to blame the XSL as earlier mentioned and
can only assume that this is a problem with FOP.

Can someone please comment on this?  I may or may not be right, and these
are my observations.

Thank You.


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