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From Cyril Rognon <crog...@objectiva.fr>
Subject Re: Again out of Memory Error -2
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 13:14:17 GMT
Ok I'll try to answer both part 1 and 2 here :

as for the JVM memory parameter with servlet engines : Your servlet engine 
is executed in a JVM that must allow you to set memory parameters. I don't 
know about every ServletEngine or ApplicationServers but you can do this 
with Tomcat or Websphere so I guess it exists everywhere.

As for multiple page sequences, it is simply a fact that the current FOP 
implementation seems to keep a whole page sequence in memory before it 
writes it down. So the biggest bage sequence you have, the more heap size 
you need.

Therefore it can be helpfull to create separate page sequence anytime you 
can. In your case, it is the worst situation : one long table. You have to 
start and stop the table each time you want to change page-sequence. Some 
guy on the list had the same situation to deal with. He manage to have an 
average number of x row per pages. Then he twisted his XSLT stylesheet to 
take x rowData (detail element in your case) to build one page sequence 
containing one table with the x rows and so on.

He has ended with a 97 page-sequence document. This may be a little extreme 
but it works. The archive pointer I gave you does this trick.

In many case, you have to deal with many tables wich are not always 100 
pages long then you can place page-sequences every time you know you can 
have a page break.

I hope this helps.


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