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From "Roland Neilands" <rneila...@pulsemining.com.au>
Subject RE: 2 flows to same page?
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2002 04:58:47 GMT

> I understand the difference between the two, and I definitely 
> want to put 
> my text into region-start, I have to do this because the 
> mock-up's of the 
> documents I am trying to recreate have text in the left 
> margin of the document.
Just making sure.

> I like the idea of the static-content, but only have seen it 
> used for page 
> numbers, can it be set for the title of each chapter, not 
> "Chapter 1" but 
> rather, "Chapter 1, Introduction" and "Chapter 2, The meeting", etc...
> So my question still is, how can I put content into two 
> different regions 
> of the same page?
Look at:


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