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From "Ian Rowlands" <i...@viridian.com.au>
Subject Assisting FOP in breaking pages
Date Mon, 02 Sep 2002 03:05:38 GMT
What is the best way to assist FOP in breaking pages at particular
points? In the documentation I'm producing, I generally have a couple of
1. The contents of the "body" extend into the footer of the page. I
would prefer that if this is going to happen, put the complete item on
the next page (and don't overwrite the footer, for goodness sake!).
2. I often get headers to sections on 1 page, and the contents on the
next page. I would prefer that the header would stay on the same page as
its contents, and to put a page break in if this can't be done on the
current page.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



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