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From "Darren Barefoot" <darren.baref...@capeclear.com>
Subject We've exposed FOP as a Web Service
Date Fri, 13 Sep 2002 12:40:17 GMT
I thought the list might be interested in a new Web service we've just
released at CapeScience. Called FOPService, its a Web service
implementation of the FOP project at Apache. See below for the complete
description, or go to
http://www.capescience.com/webservices/fop/index.shtml for more details.
There's a Web interface to the service at

The FOP service is a Web service implementation of the Apache FOP
project (http://xml.apache.org/fop/), which "is the world's first print
formatter driven by XSL formatting objects and the world's first output
independent formatter." The Web service has one operation, which takes
two parameters: a formatting object tree (coded in an XML file) and the
output format that you would like to render this tree into. The
formatted output is then returned to the client. Both the input
formatting object tree file and the return file are handled as MIME
attachments. The kinds of output formats that the FOP project (and
therefore our Web service) can handle are still in development, but the
best supported formats are PDF, PCL, and PostScript. 

Thanks. DB.

Darren Barefoot
Technology Evangelist
CapeScience - Cape Clear's Developer Support Network

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