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From Jeremias Maerki <dev.jerem...@greenmail.ch>
Subject Re: Fop for other things
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2002 08:28:24 GMT
All the available renderers have different quality levels. The best is
probably the PDF renderer. If you get happy with the other renderers
depends on what you want to do. It's mostly a matter of trying and
seeing what happens. Every renderer is in productive use by at least a
few people. I can tell that from following the mailing list over a long
time. You will get happy with PDF as long as you don't need
functionality that FOP doesn't support, yet. As for the other renderers,
try them out with your use cases and see if you get happy.

You might find some more information about the renderers on this page:

I hope this helps.

On 21.08.2002 15:58:25 bhati001 wrote:
> I have just started evaluating FOP for our servlet based application and
> successfully (with the help of this group) used FOP to do PDF using
> XML/XSL. We are considering moving from iText over to FOP mainly bcoz of
> the promise that FOP provides to convert XML data to other file formats.
>   " Output formats currently supported are PDF, PCL, PS, SVG, XML (area
>   tree representation), Print, AWT, MIF and TXT" from the FOP website. 
> Are all these formats implemented and have developers used them actively
> in their applications. I would like some input from ppl who are actually
> using them and are there any difficulties in implementing these output
> formats.
> Appreciate your response.

Jeremias Maerki

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