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From Bernd Brandstetter <bbr...@freenet.de>
Subject [PATCH] Linking to a specific page of an external PDF file
Date Sun, 29 Sep 2002 16:30:19 GMT
Hi again,

attached is a patch against today's FOP CVS which enables links to certain 
pages and named destinations within external PDF files.

The link syntax is the one proposed in "c01acrotip.pdf" by Adobe (don't 
have the URL at hand right now) for linking to PDFs from within HTML 
pages, i.e.
<fo:basic-link external-destination="foo.pdf#page=3">
links to the 4th page (note that page numbering in a PDF file starts with 
0) and
<fo:basic-link external-destination="foo.pdf#dest=some.named.destination">
links to "some.named.destination" in foo.pdf.

The code could probably be simplified, but this was me very first attempt 
to code in Java ;-)

Best regards,

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