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From Antonio Fiol BonnĂ­n <fiol.bon...@terra.es>
Subject Re: pdf/ps
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2002 19:27:18 GMT
Maybe I am taking this a little bit off-topic, but you say...

"instructions to place strings and lines and other stuff
here and there"

This ressembles to me a bit like SVG, don't you think?

So maybe it is not easy to build a tool that transforms PS to XSL-FO, 
but it does not seem very difficult to get an SVG writer.

I will even give Mr. Welter some free advice on how to do that:    ;-)

1. Find a Java PS or PDF AWT renderer (there must exist one).
2. Download batik.
3. Create a simple that uses batik's SVG renderer as the AWT canvas to 
render the PS into.

And "voila!".


Antonio Fiol

J.Pietschmann wrote:

> Michael Welter wrote:
>> Does anyone know of a utility which translates a PDF or PS file to 
>> XSL-FO?  I have a bunch of government PDF forms that I would like to 
>> generate from FOP.
> Well, uncompressed PDF and PS can be viewed at with an
> arbitrary text editor, try it.
> There is basically no higher level structure, just
> instructions to place strings and lines and other stuff
> here and there. It is very hard to derive the structure
> needed for building FOs from arbitrary PDF or PS.
> Your best bet is probably to print the forms, take a
> ruler and use the measurements to construct a FO file
> with some tables or absolutely positioned block-containers.
> The docs/examples directories have some examples of exactly
> this.
> J.Pietschmann

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