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From Antonio Fiol BonnĂ­n <fiol.bon...@terra.es>
Subject Re: pdf/ps
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2002 06:41:19 GMT
>> Maybe I am taking this a little bit off-topic, but you say...
>> "instructions to place strings and lines and other stuff
>> here and there"
>> This ressembles to me a bit like SVG, don't you think?
> Well, close...
> There are problems though, like embedded fonts.

Well, I had not thought of those. But if you have a Java PS/PDF viewer 
that can render it, can't you use Batik to get an SVG file? I mean, I am 
not sure whether PS interpreters actually "load" the embedded font and 
then render texts (in which case it would not work) or they translate 
the font to lines and arcs and so on (which would be correctly 
translated into [bloated] SVG by batik).

However, if I understood well what is needed, I have just found a free 
product that might do the job: Etymon PJ. It allows you to stamp text on 
a PDF page which IIRC is what the person who asked wanted to do. I do 
not know whether it allows to "merge" two PDF pages, but it is quite 
likely, seen the features it has.


HTH more than previous one.

Antonio Fiol

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