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From Oscar Schoof <os...@omegam.nl>
Subject empty space / white space
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2002 09:00:15 GMT
Hi ,

trying to get empty lines/rows with fop/pdf i stumbled on a few comic
(and annoying) features of fop (0.20.3).

What happens:
1. A <fo:block>  </fo:block> is ignored: it does not generate an empty
2. A <fo:table-row keep-with-next="always"><fo:table-cell >
</fo:table-cell></fo:table-row> is ignored: it does not generate an
empty row in a table.

Well, fine. Looking in the fo-specs i find:
1. The property white-space-treatment="preserve" for blocks;
2. The property empty-cells="show" for table-cells.

Fop says about both: "...is not implemented yet".
So fop has build in logic to skip white space, but if i don't want that,
that's not possible. Comic, but annyoing.

Has anybody a work-around for me?



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