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From "Doray, Arnold" <a.do...@geos.com>
Subject Rendering multi-component documents
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2002 08:56:32 GMT
Dear All,

I'm a new to FOP and I've hit a snag. I'd be grateful for any help:

I have a single XML document that I want rendered to PDF.
This PDF has  textual and graphics portions, all derived from
the same input XML document. To do the rendering, I have to run 
FOP a few times, first to convert the XML to graphics (in my case, SVG), 
then once more to convert the input XML to the final PDF, where the 
graphics are "attached" using <fo:external-graphic>. Of course, the 
input XML has hardcoded in it the file names of the SVG graphics.

Is there a way to create the final PDF, complete with graphics by
calling FOP just once? Preferably, the solution wouldn't have to require
hardcoding the file names in the input XML. 

Arnold Doray

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