This might be a very stupid question.
How can I do this if a part of the url is dynamic, lets say <xsl:variable name="subUrl">Chart1</xsl:variable>

I would like to say:
<xsl:copy-of select="document('http://localhost:2001/?@_FILEapfiles/{$subUrl}.pcxml@_PCSCRIPTgraph')"/>
I get the error - "Path contains invalid character {"

Then I tried
   <xsl:attribute name="select">
      document('http://localhost:2001/?@_FILEapfiles/<xsl:value-of select="subUrl" />.pcxml@_PCSCRIPTgraph')
I get the error "xsl:copy-of requires attribute select"

Can somebody tell me how I can do this?
Thank you,

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George, Sobha wrote:
> Now my question is does this actually help me in avoiding "Out of Memory"
> exception. I was using <fo:external-graphic ...> and read that since
> external graphics are cached in memory it is suggested to use
> <fo:instream-foreign-object....>. It turned out that I was able to process
> 12 records in the first case <fo:external-graphic ...> and only 9 records
> with <fo:instream-foreign-object....>
> Am I using it in the intended way?

You can try
     <xsl:copy-of select="document('http://localhost:2001/?@_FILEapfiles/Chart1.pcxml@_PCSCRIPTgraph')"/>
in your XSLT.