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From lepekhine <lepekh...@fors.spb.ru>
Subject Strange hyphenation
Date Mon, 16 Dec 2002 10:22:35 GMT
Hi, all!

Some weeks ago I complained to the wrong
hyphenation in Russian pdf-output from fop.
I have refused from hyphenation at all and
all was all right till today.
Now I have text with 2-lines title and sometime
the first word on the page is truncated.
It doesn't happen if I have 1-line title.
Of course I can short the title but this case
looks very similar to the wrong hyphenation.
And it happens with English words too!
For example if the word "database" must be on
the next page, I have "atabase" as the first
word on the next page.
O.T. asked me to show fo-file but I don't know
how to produce it with fop from xml and xsl files.
May be somebody else have met this feature
with 2-lines article title?
Best regards
Alexander Lepekhine

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