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From Ben Fowler <bfow...@ewitness.co.uk>
Subject Re: AW: TMCA
Date Fri, 28 Feb 2003 14:24:50 GMT
At 5:24 pm +0200 27/2/2003, Johan Åbrandt wrote:
>jaccoud@petrobras.com.br wrote:
>>This "lingo" thing feeld like slang, something that restrict groups use to
>>encode meaning in a way outsiders cannot percieve. Reading text stuffed
>>with it is like talking to my teenager niece: sometimes I cannot understand
>>a word...
>>But I must learn to live with it, otherwise when my 7-month old daughter
>>begins to talk I willl be excluded....
>So I guess "This 'lingo' thing" servers the same purpose as quoting philosophers after
your signature, i.e. to show that you belong to a group - to which only persons of a certain
standard - for example knowledge of contemporary philosophy - or internet abreviations - can
belong. It increases your standing with persons who understand - and helps in keeping distance
from those who dont.
>Is this what you meant?

I don't think that it is what he meant (but there is nothing wrong with your argument).

As I read it, the OP saw a 4 letter acronym and thought that it related to XSLT, XSL-FO, XHTML
or some such, and felt hurt and a little sore when after some effort he found that PITA did
relate to the subject domain.

I agree that a little help may be needed to get everyone up to speed with abbreviations and
acronyms used on mailing lists (AFAICT, FWIW, IIRC et cetera), but I would argue that
such abbreviations are for use rather than ornamentation, and strongly concur with
posting sites where they can be interpreted. I would add, for the benefit of the OP, that
they can be assigned the same meaning in different languages with no penalty, save
that the the letters don't match exactly:

<URL: http://www.intersolinc.com/newsletters/newsltr5.htm >

SI -> Système International -> International System of Units
<URL: http://www.plexoft.com/SBF/S06.html >
SIDA -> Syndrome immunodÈficitaire acquis -> Acquired Immuno-deficiency Syndrome
<URL: http://www.teenaids.org/gnTeens/glossary.html >

and so forth.


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