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From Clay Leeds <cle...@medata.com>
Subject Re: Support for Unicode and special fonts
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2003 18:46:50 GMT

DISCLAIMER: I probably don't have the answer to your troubles...

When I run the FO document to AWT, I see every character except 2: "Line
Hex 20E1..." and "Ray Hex 20D7...".

BTW, you might want to take a look at your error logs, as the path(s) to
your .eps files might pose a problem (there's a ":" in there and I don't
know if that'll have adverse effects). Here's the output from my system:

C:\Program Files\Java\fop-0.20.4>fop -fo "C:\Documents and
op\unicode.fo" -awt

C:\Program Files\Java\fop-0.20.4>java -cp
20315.jar;lib\logkit-1.0.jar;lib\jimi-1.0.jar org.apache.fop.apps.Fop
-fo "C:\Documents and Settings\cleeds\Desktop\unicode.fo" -awt
[ERROR] Logger not set
[INFO] building formatting object tree
[INFO] [1]
[INFO] [2]
[INFO] [3]
[INFO] [4]
[INFO] [5]
[ERROR] Error while creating area : Error while recovering Image
Informations (file:/C:/Documents and
_Day03rSB.eps) : C:\Documents and
(The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect)
[INFO] Parsing of document complete, stopping renderer

Also, I don't know if this'll help, but I tried processing the font.fo
doc, just to see what symbols are "built-in":

C:\Program Files\Java\fop-0.20.4>fop -fo
C:\java\fop-0.20.5rc2\examples\fo\basic\fonts.fo -awt

Good luck!

Clay Leeds - cleeds@medata.com
Web Developer - Medata, Inc. - http://www.medata.com
PGP Public Key: https://mail.medata.com/pgp/cleeds.asc

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