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From Jeremias Maerki <dev.jerem...@greenmail.ch>
Subject Re: Font encoding types
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2003 15:15:35 GMT
What error messages and who issues them?

TrueType embedding is currently working fine for many users. It has,
however, a little deficiency: It lacks the ability to generate an
appropriate ToUnicode CMap. Normally, that means that embedded TrueType
fonts will get correctly displayed in AcrobatReader but you cannot
copy/paste text from the PDF displayed in AcrobatReader because of the
missing ToUnicode CMap.

I'm still on the way to become a font-pro but: Identity-H simply maps
1:1 from Unicode to CID (character identifier). Quark probably takes a
different approach and numbers the used subset of characters from 0 to n
(where n is the number of glyphs in the subset). Therefore, they most
probably create a special CMap to encode the text to the correct glyphs.

A workaround is difficult to come up with at the moment. I wonder what
kind of error messages you get. If it's the missing ToUnicode CMap that
causing the problems, then it's probably a matter of implementing
support for them.

On 02.06.2003 16:11:35 Teator, Michael wrote:
> Our user's printer/acrobatreader crashing problems have been corrected by
> switching to encoding the fonts in the WinAnsi format.
> The downside of this is the increased filesize since the entire font is
> being embedded.  This is compounded with the 200K+ to embed the Helvetica
> font since for some reason too many users get error messages it's missing if
> it's not embedded.
> However, the former process before FOP was introduced into the mix did an
> embedded subset without the same problems we have with the files produced
> from FOP.  The difference I've noted is that FOP uses an encoding type of
> 'Identity-H' and the working files use an encoding type of 'Custom'.  The
> working files were produced out of Quark.  Most of the error messages with
> the 'Identity-H' files are of the invalid CMAP variety.
> What's the difference and is there any workaround?

Jeremias Maerki

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