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From Glen Mazza <glenma...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: XSL/PDF
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2003 19:27:28 GMT
In your Struts Action.ActionForward class, if you call
"response.reset();" at the beginning it seemed to work
for me (erases the first of the two calls IE made).

However, I suspect that would then render Mozilla and
Netscape browsers inoperable because they don't make
multiple calls.  Perhaps best to find out the browser
the client is using first?  Main thing is make sure
your changes don't affect users of other browsers that
were programmed correctly.

Or, if possible, better to design the code such that
even if it calls it multiple times everything will
still work fine.  If IE is a sluggish browser because
it insists on requesting & generating reports multiple
times, then so be it--recommend to your users other
browsers for better speed!

Other possibilities:


--- Brett DiPerna <bdiperna@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi Glen,
> I am having this same problem.  Did you ever find a
> solution or workaround?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Brett
> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
> Currently I'm returning PDF manually from my Struts
> Action subclass,
> without using stxx.
> Works fine, except that for some reason the doGet()
> request for this
> action ends up being called twice--apparently
> because of the
> setContentType("application/pdf") statement within
> the Action
> subclass code. (I'm using an MSIE client, and if I
> don't use the
> setContentType() statement, the problem doesn't
> occur but I don't get
> PDF back.) This results in the XML->PDF process
> occuring twice to
> generate the same response.
> Has anyone ever had this problem with stxx--that of
> the browser
> somehow automatically requesting the processing to
> occur twice? If
> no, I may need to switch to stxx to solve this
> problem.
> Thanks,
> Glen

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