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From Rob Stote <RSt...@whitehilltech.com>
Subject RE: Tiff renderer and strips
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2003 12:07:36 GMT
One more quick question, setTiledSize(int w, int h);
If I set these values initially @ -1 for both according to the documentation
it will use a default value correct? (what is that value) Then is a person
would like to use there own values they could ?
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Subject: RE: Tiff renderer and strips
Thank you again. 
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From: Oleg Tkachenko [mailto:olegt@multiconn.com
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Subject: Re: Tiff renderer and strips 
Rob Stote wrote: 
>     I will do somemore reading. This a parameter I can set , if need be ?,

> much the same way I can set the compression level? 
Yup. But as I said it's in stripes by default, so you have do nothing to get

strips. To get tiles you have to turn it on: 
TIFFRenderer tiffRenderer = TIFFRendererFactory.newTIFFRenderer(); 
TIFFRendererParams params = new TIFFRendererParams(); 
Oleg Tkachenko 
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Multiconn Technologies, Israel 
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