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From Jamie Stillman <JSti...@CBC-Companies.com>
Subject PrintStarter.PrintRenderer printing issues with Unix
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2003 11:49:32 GMT
Has anyone had issues with using the code from PrintStarter.PrintRenderer
when running on Solaris (or any *nix platform)?  I've taken the code from
that class and have modified it to use the JDK 1.4 Print Services API and
the resulting application works well on Windows, providing the ability to
print dynamically generated PDFs to a printer that is determined at runtime.
However, the same application on Solaris causes printer errors and seems to

I don't believe the problem lies with FOP, as the code works on Win32
platforms.  More likely, the AWT print subsystem is blame.  However, I
thought that maybe someone might have run into this problem using FOP in the
past and may have some advice on how to troubleshoot it.

One last thing, as our Solaris boxes do not have default printers, I haven't
been able to test using the non-Print Services approach of printing straight
to the default printer (thus eliminating the Print Services API as the
culprit).  However, I expect that, since the approach is the same (and the
code mostly identical), that would also fail.

Jamie Stillman
CBC Companies

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