Our user's printer/acrobatreader crashing problems have been corrected by switching to encoding the fonts in the WinAnsi format.
The downside of this is the increased filesize since the entire font is being embedded.  This is compounded with the 200K+ to embed the Helvetica font since for some reason too many users get error messages it's missing if it's not embedded.
However, the former process before FOP was introduced into the mix did an embedded subset without the same problems we have with the files produced from FOP.  The difference I've noted is that FOP uses an encoding type of 'Identity-H' and the working files use an encoding type of 'Custom'.  The working files were produced out of Quark.  Most of the error messages with the 'Identity-H' files are of the invalid CMAP variety.
What's the difference and is there any workaround?

Michael Teator