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From "Chris Pratt" <chr...@planetpratt.com>
Subject Re: PDF Forms
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 18:06:50 GMT
J. Pietschmann wrote:
> Chris Pratt wrote:
> > I'm using FOP 0.20.5 and I've coded myself into a corner.  We generate
> > rather large PDF files using fop (lists of every eye doctor in
> > for example), which can be very processor and very memory intensive.  To
> > limit the overhead I wrote a caching scheme that caches the complete PDF
> > files for easy re-use.  Worked really well until the powers that be
> > that each of the PDF's needed to be personalized.
> >
> > Looking around for an alternative to just removing the caching, I found
> > Forms which would probably do the job.  I don't expect that FOP has any
> > ability to fill in forms of already generated PDF Forms, but I was
> > that it might have the ability to generate them.  Does anyone have a
> > how I might go about this?  Or maybe an altogether better way of solving
> > problem?  Thanks.
> >   (*Chris*)
> There was an extension floating around two years ago which allowed
> to inject raw PDF through FOP into the result. The originator used
> this basically to create PDF forms. Of course, you'll have to invest
> some time to grok the PDF spec. Check the FOP list archive.
> Alternatively, you can try to postprocess pregenerated PDF with
> another tool. Check the FOP website (FAQ) for hints.

I have had no luck in locating the extension, but it got me thinking about
how it might be implemented.  How hard would it be (taking in mind that I am
an experienced Java coder, but have never looked at the FOP source) to add
an fo:instream-foreign-object implementation (similar to the Batik SVG
support) that could process the XForms specification
[http://www.w3.org/TR/2003/REC-xforms-20031014/], or maybe a subset, and do
the right thing in the PDF file?

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