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From "Chris Pratt" <chr...@planetpratt.com>
Subject Re: PDF Forms
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 21:38:10 GMT
J.Pietschmann wrote:
> Doing XForms is ambitious, start with a subset (a *small* subset).
> Yet, I urge you to track down the performance problems with your
> FO first. I usually get 2 pages per second on a Pentium 166 and
> an old SDK, and up to 15 pages per second on a more modern machine.
> Some big iron should be able to do better than. 1.5 pages per second.
> Check whether you have problems with big tables (tables with lots
> of cells), and perhaps get the fixes form CVS.

I agree and that is definitely where I'm starting.  I did discover in my
search an old message (from you I believe) about large tables being a bad
idea and discovered that I basically have a table that spans nearly the
entire document, because of the whole mess with keeps only being supported
in tables.  I'm in the process of breaking up the table which should
hopefully speed things up.  But even at 2 pages per second, the 125 page
document will take over a minute to produce, so I think some additional
optimization will be required.

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