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From "Thomas Brechtl" <t...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: Rectangle around characters
Date Mon, 16 Feb 2004 22:42:38 GMT
> > FOP 0.20.5
> > 
> > I'm searching for some way to put a rectangle around some characters,
> > in the example only "EFGH" should be in a rectangle. "ABCD" and "IJKL"
> > should be in the same line but not in a rectangle.
> > 
> > FOP seems not to support the way in the example with fo:inline and
> > border-attributes. Is there some other way ?
> thats right. fo:inline is not properly implemented in FOP. It should 
> create its own area, but is implemented to be the same as fo:wrapper, 
> i.e. just a holder for different attributes.
> You may be able to acheive what you want using tables, but only if you 
> know exactly how much text is in the relevant parts, i.e. "ABCD", "EFGH" 
> and "IJKL", so you can set column widths.

Is there some way to avoid the line-break before the begining of a table
???? "EFGH" apears in a new line if I use a table with one column and one


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