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From "Mark Williams" <m...@skwirel.com>
Subject error = id already exists
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 19:32:16 GMT

I've searched the mailing lists for info on the above error, but couldn't
find anything much on the subject.

Basically, we have a largeish xslt stylesheet (produces roughly a 12 page
document), which contains a table with rows that repeat for however many
times a particular node appears in the XML file.  If it appears more than
once, so that the table row has to be repeated, we keep getting the above
FOP exception, ie that the id exists.  The id is the id assigned by FOP to
the fo:wrapper property for each row.  There is an error statement for each
fo-wrapper for each row I have checked the xslt stylesheet and there is no

Although I could find one or two threads on the subject, I could not
actually find a resolution and the problems seemed to be related to manually
assigned ids not FOP assigned ids as in this case.  Unless it's something
that I'm doing wrong, I'm surprised that this problem has not cropped up
more often.

Does anyone please know of a solution to this problem.

Yours gratefully,

Mark Williams

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