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From "Andreas L. Delmelle" <a_l.delme...@pandora.be>
Subject RE: PDF document information - can it be used already?
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 19:54:49 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Dirk.Junghanns@biotronik.de [mailto:Dirk.Junghanns@biotronik.de]
> I'm looking for a way to use the document properties for a PDF document.
> I don't want to use a PDF postprocessor for that.
> The PDFs are already programmatically generated with FOP.
> There is nearly no document info support in FOP 0.20.5 however, some
PDFInfo.java in CVS now
> _seems_ to support this feature.

The related code is in fop.render.* somewhere, there's accessor methods
defined for certain document props (like the producer field; check on the
handling of that in the code to get the idea)

> * Is there documentation on the feature?

None that I'm aware of. I got the basics by browsing through the code and
reading up on the related stuff in the pdf spec...

> * Can I use the current CVS version of FOP and fill the document

Which version do you mean? The '0_20_2-maintain' branch, or HEAD?
AFAICT maintenance supports the 'producer' and 'creation date'
fields --defaulted of course, but if you're using FOP embedded, it should
hardly be a problem to intervene here -, to add the others would still
require a little(?) hack, I think --then after that, when embedding FOP, you
can manipulate these in the same way.

> If yes, which elements do I have to specify in XML for Author, Date,

See above. I'm afraid it's going to take a bit more than specifying

Hope this helps!



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