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From Casper Gasper <...@caspergasper.com>
Subject Re: formatting bug with servlet and xml only
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2004 15:49:19 GMT
>> I've just got Fop 0.20.5 installed and it's working great (thanks), 
>> but I seem to have found a bug where if two table cells in the same 
>> column and adjacent rows have the same value, the bottom one takes on 
>> the formatting characteristics of the top.  Basically I get a table 
>> like:
>> <b>Base rental                £120.00 per 1,000</b>
>> 0-12 month buyers         <b>£120.00 per 1,000</b>
>> even though only the top row should be bold.  The weird thing is, 
>> this problem is only reproducible if I call Fop as a servlet with an 
>> xml file
> This sounds like a classpath problem: your servlet may be picking up a 
> different version of Xalan/xerces, which processes your XSL stylesheet 
> slightly differently. Debug your servlet to make sure it has the right 
> classes.
> If you get no luck, post snippets of the offending files along with 
> the code of your servlet.
> Chris
   Apologies, but on closer inspection the fo is occasionally being 
marked up incorrectly -- so it's my dodgy XSLT to blame, not a problem 
with Fop.  Thanks anyway.


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