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From FBart...@wiley.com
Subject Misaligned text columns
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 13:37:03 GMT
I'm trying to set a document in two columns using fop (0.20.5).
Unfortunately, when the two columns do not have exactly the same amount of
material, the baselines of the first lines of the two columns do not align.
They can be as much as 1.5 lines off.

fop does not seem to have implemented .minimum and .maximum (or
.conditionality or .precedence) in space-before and space-after, so the
vertical spaces in the columns are constant rather than mutable. This seems
to be at least part of the problem; leastwise, mucking about with 'stretch'
and 'shrink' values doesn't seem to help..

Neither does giving a value to display-align in the region-body make any

I'm rather mystified, since my reading of the XSL spec and Pawson's book
gives me no clue how I could achieve this effect if I wanted to.

Is there any help for this?


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