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From Simon Pepping <spepp...@leverkruid.nl>
Subject Re: fop CVS snapshot doesn't build with JDK 1.3
Date Sat, 05 Jun 2004 20:48:34 GMT
On Thu, Jun 03, 2004 at 09:47:31PM +0200, Christian Hattemer wrote:
> Hi,
> In the ant output the build gets up to the line:
> [javac] Compiling 599 source files to /home/krille/xml-fop/build/classes
> Then loads of error messages in a number of files follow. Since they all follow
> the same pattern I have only pasted the first three. The full log is available on
> request.
>     [javac] /home/krille/xml-fop/src/java/org/apache/fop/fo/FOText.java:132: Undefined
variable or class name: WhiteSpaceCollapse
>     [javac] /home/krille/xml-fop/src/java/org/apache/fop/fo/FOText.java:195: Undefined
variable or class name: TextTransform

WhiteSpaceCollapse and TextTransform are nested interfaces in
Constants. The interface Constants is implemented by FObj and by
extension by FOText. Therefore WhiteSpaceCollapse and TextTransform
should be known in FOText. The current CVS code is not broken, and
compiles well on my Java 1.4 installation.

Regards, Simon 

Simon Pepping
home page: http://www.leverkruid.nl

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