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From Wessel van Norel <wessel.van.no...@ddnh.nl>
Subject Re: help needed with line-height
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2004 09:09:28 GMT
Dave_S_White@KeyBank.com wrote:
> Hello,
> Using fop 0.20.4 ( tried 0.20.5, same behavior ) I'm struggling trying 
> to understand the usage of line-height. I have a word doc that I am 
> trying to clone via XSL FO/FOP and cannot get the line spacing to match. 
> I am using Times New Roman 12pt with font embedding. The font metrics 
> files were generated using the times.ttf file located in c:\winnt\fonts 
> ( on a win= 2k machine). Without specifying any line-height the lines 
> are spaced much further apart that the MS word file ( I don't seem word 
> doing anything special with the spacing BTW, just single space). I've 
> experimented with line-heght =3D 12pt and that actually makes the 
> spacing too small. Shifting to % values and a lot of trial and error I 
> ended up using line-height=107% and it seems to match pretty well. This 
> is pure dumb luck though, can anyone please explain or point me in the 
> right direction to understand how line-height is being calculated if I 
> don't specify it, and why 107% of 12pt font seems like the "magic" 
> number to match word single spacing with 12 pt
> Times new Roman?
> I'm stuck, any help is much appreciated.
> thanks,
> dave

I've been struggeling with the line-height myself as well. I came to the 
conclusion that the ascender and descender in the font metrics file are 
also a factor that you need to calculate the "correct" line height.

Unfortenately I've not documented properly how I did my calculations :(

If I recall correctly it is something like:
line-height + line-height * (ascender + (- descender))

where the line-height is specified in the same measurement units as the 
one being used in the metrics file (was it millipoints?). The descender 
is negative, that must be inverted.

I hope this helps you to find the correct answer.

Wessel van Norel

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