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From "nospam@mrietzler.de" <...@mrietzler.de>
Subject Re: fop and fonts in embeded svg graphics?
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2004 18:27:47 GMT

you're right: strokesvgtext is the key. with strokeSVGText=true the text 
will be rendered as graphic instead of text. exact what i wanted.
my fault, i tought both versions (windows and unix) were the same...


Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> Are your userconfig.xml files the same? This sounds like a difference in
> the strokeSVGText (http://xml.apache.org/fop/configuration.html#svg-strokeSVGText)
> config entry. Also, since this happens in an SVG/Batik context this may
> be due to differences between the Windows und Linux font subsystems. Try
> using a different font just to see if this changes anything.
> On 20.06.2004 11:33:11 nospam@mrietzler.de wrote:
>>in my xsl-fo file i have embeded serveral svg-graphics. in this graphics 
>>i use <svg:text font-family="monospace"> to print out a 
>>monospaced/courier like font.
>>i get two different results with fop under linux and windows.
>>with the windows-version the text is "graphic" i can't edit with the 
>>touchup-tool in acrobat. the font-dialog in acrobat also "doesn't know" 
>>anything about that monospaced font.
>>when i run the linux-version of fop i can edit the svg-text in acrobat 
>>and the fontdialog says that "Courier" is embeded...
>>what is wrong? i want to use svg-graphic-text so that the text can't be 
>>changed that easy in the pdf-document...

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