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From "Oosterbaan, Douglas S. (LNG-DAY)" <Douglas.Oosterb...@lexisnexis.com>
Subject Invoking FOP from C++
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2004 18:08:38 GMT

Has anyone invoked FOP 0.20.5 from a C++ process?  We have a large
existing C++ component which needs the services provided by
FOP.   I've downloaded the binary and played around with it,
and was considering using a fork() and exec(), but FAQ 2.8 states:

"It is best to avoid exec'ing FOP, use the library interface

FAQ 2.8 is in reference to the Jave Runtime.exec() call, but 
I assume the same would apply to a C++ exec().  Also, I need
to get back the page count that is included in the results 
object returned by FOP.

My next approach is to download the source, write a Java
wrapper for FOP, and call my wrapper process either through
an exec() or a CORBA call.  But if possible I would like to 
just use the binary in it's original form.

Has anyone else had any experience calling FOP from C++?

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