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From "Zaleski, Matthew \(M.E.\)" <mzale...@ford.com>
Subject RE: List problem
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2004 18:30:58 GMT
Any particular reason you don't just make a table with 2 columns, the
first column being your fo:list-item-label body?  It may get around
certain limitations in fop 0.20.5.
A few other comments on your tables from my recent dive into using them:

<fo:table width="100%"> is not supported AFAICT in fop 0.20.5.  I have
to specify exact width in inches/mm/etc to avoid getting a warning.  
Your <fo:table-column column-number="1"> (column-number attrib not
supported in fop), use <fo:table-column
column-width="proportional-column-width(1)"/> and provide column entries
in left to right order.
In general, I've found that tables don't like to play nice with other
enclosing elements and now have heavily nested tables to preserve
layouts on my pages.  It slows down processing but I get the layouts in
my PDFs that I want.


From: Raphael Parree (Triveratech) [mailto:raphael@triveratech.com] 
Sent: Thursday, July 08, 2004 3:48 PM
To: fop-user@xml.apache.org
Subject: List problem

I am having a problem making a list. I am using the XSL below to create
a list.
                    <fo:block end-indent="label-end()">-</fo:block>
                <fo:list-item-body start-indent="body-start()">
                        <fo:table width="100%" table-layout="fixed">
                            <fo:table-column column-number="1"/>
                                <fo:table-row keep-together="always">
What happens sometimes is that the "-" w/out any body is on one page and
the body is on the next page without a "-".
Any ideas?

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