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From FOUCAULT Séb <sebfoucault2...@yahoo.fr>
Subject Page X/Y, forward references and iText
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2004 11:50:13 GMT
For the moment, i get the "Page X / Y" label in my
footers using the <page-number-citation/> element. But
of course, I get out of memory exceptions for huge
documents (I'm sure that these exceptions come from
these forward references since I successfully get my
PDF documents when the <page-number-citation>'s are
removed and since my page templates are fully
I read a lot of articles dealing with issues with
forward references in long documents in the mailing
list archives (page x / y). Using a third-party tool
such as iText is a solution often suggested to tackle
this kind of problems. 
Has anybody experienced such a solution ? 
- My footers cannot be fully generated by the 3rd
party tool because they can potentially contain
complex layouts (the layouts are designed by report
designers using a graphical editor under Windows).
- What I'd like would be a solution in which I could
simply substitute the <page-number-citation> by a
<block>, be able to identify the corresponding pdf
chunk using the 3rd party tool and replace it by the
real number of pages in the document. 
- I read interesting things in iText about the way to
handle this problem using PDF template. 
- Could the use of PDF templates be a good way to
overcome the more general problem of forward
references (maybe writing a FOP extension) ?


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