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From "Arun Sinha" <arunsinha...@hotmail.com>
Subject last page / footer
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2004 05:00:27 GMT

I am using FOP and I am new to the XSL:FO.

FOP doesn't support :-
  <fo:conditional-page-master-reference master-reference="last"
page-position="last" />

And my requirement is as follows :-

If the document consists of more than one page then the page except
the last page should be as follows :-
<header>header info</header>
<page>page content</page>
<footer>Page Totals (Runnint Total)
                                  Continued .....

and the last page should be :-
<header>header info</header>
<page>page content</page>
<footer>Document Totals</footer>

If the document consists of only one page then it should be as follows :-
<header>header info</header>
<page>page content</page>
<footer>Document Totals</footer>

I tried using different page sequences but couldn't achieve it.
Then I tried using marker but still couldn't do so.

Anybody having a workaround for this situation or useful tips?
Please note that the page content is being printed in a loop.

Another point that I found surprising is that while retrieving the
marker value I used a syntax (which was wrong)
                  <fo:retrieve-marker marker-class-name="abc">
instead of
                  <fo:retrieve-marker retrieve-class-name="abc">.

The FOP didn't report any error or warning.

Thanks in advance.


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