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From Tommy Reynolds <Tommy.Reyno...@MegaCoder.com>
Subject Re: FOPException: The id "N1056F" already exists in this document
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2005 17:10:22 GMT
Uttered JBryant@s-s-t.com, spake thus:

> Is the ID assigned in the source file or generated (perhaps by 
> generate-id) at run time? If the former, then I would guess that your 
> problem arises from one or more index terms not having unique IDs in the 
> source file.

Apparently DocBook attaches ID's to tons of variables use to hold
temporary layouts and then tried to reuse the ID if the temporary
variable is discarded, er, I mean the scope terminates.  FOP doesn't
like this, although some of the proprietary processors are OK with it.

This problem has led me to abandon DocBook in favor of custom

I'd love for this to get fixed, though.


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