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From Peter Bittner <bitt...@teamworks.eu.com>
Subject Two column index not formatted properly
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 09:08:08 GMT

I have a DocBook/XML document with a couple of indexterms which make up an
index that shows up at the end of the PDF document created by FOP (0.20.5).

The index which has a 2-column layout by default is not layed out propperly,
however. I have sketched below how it approximately looks like .

There are 2 problems:

 1. The second column starts too much up, on the very upper border of the
    page. This conflicts with the title of the page (which is a rather long
    word in German: "Stichwortverzeichnis") and overwrites the last
    characters of that word.

 2. Multiple occurrences of one and the same term result in a list of one
    and the same page number (e.g. "8,15,15,15,15").

Regarding 1) I'd prefer the second column to start somewhat more below,
ideally horizontally aligned with the first column's first index letter
('A'). - Can I control that behavior somehow? (DocBook/XSL maybe??)

Regarding 2) I think the usual way in creating an index is to list every
page number only once, regardless to how many occurrences there are on one
and the same page of a specific index item. - Can I influence this behavior
somehow, too? (DocBook/XSL maybe??)

Here is my sketch of the index page produced by FOP:

Index                           U
                                Underline 8,15,15,15,17,
A                                 17,21
Articles 9,12,12,12,12,37       Upper case 11,11,53
Attribute 7,16,21,21,21,21,
  21,42,43                      V
                                Verbatim 10
B                               Verbose 36
C                               ....
D                               ....



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