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From Manuel Mall ...@arcus.com.au>
Subject Re: Convert HTML to PostScript or PDF
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 06:14:57 GMT
On Wed, 2 Nov 2005 01:32 pm, Leon Pu wrote:
> --- Daniel Noll <daniel@nuix.com.au> wrote:
> > Leon Pu wrote:
> > >So, is it possible to use one stylesheet to transform XML to both
> >
> > HTML
> >
> > >and PDF?
> >
> > Not as such.  Though it might be possible to cheat by writing one
> > stylesheet to transform to HTML, and then transforming the HTML to
> > XSL-FO in a separate step using a stylesheet which will be
> > constant.
> It means we have to do the generation of HTML and PDF in two steps?
> What's the method in some websites that provide the PDF download for
> current webpage? Are these websites using the same solution?
Typically two different approaches will be used:

a) The site is written in XML and two different stylesheets are used. 
One for conversion to HTML and one for conversion into XSL-FO. The 
XSL-FO output is then given to an XSL-FO processor (e.g. FOP) for 
conversion into PDF. Note that most XSL-FO processors can make the two 
steps XML -> XSL-FO and XSL-FO -> PDF look like one but internally both 
conversions are performed.

b) The site is written in XHMTL and a stylesheet is used to convert 
XHMTL into XSL-FO. Again this is followed by the XSL-FO -> PDF 

A possible third alternative is for a site written in HTML that an HTML 
to XHTML conversion tool is used (Note this would not be XSL based). So 
we have HTML -> XHTML using a 3rd party tool, XHTML -> XSL-FO using an 
XSL stylesheet and processor (e.g. XALAN), XSL-FO -> PDF (e.g. FOP).

> Thanks for your reply.
> Leon

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