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From matthias reinert <matthias.rein...@web.de>
Subject Re: Footnotes in RTF
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2005 23:44:15 GMT
> I wanted to chime in on this, because I share your conclusion that OOo
> does no handle RTF very well at all. My contribution is that Microsoft
> Word Viewer 2003 runs very well under Wine 
> I would recommend that any work done to the 
> RTFHandler be tested using the same software the RTF specification
> author's use. ;-)
Following your recommendation would the Word Viewer 2003 really be the 
appropriate test software or MS Word 97 or the RTF-Reader promoted without 
support at the RTF-Reference MSDN site or the latest Ms-Word? 

For my special purpose RTF was needed primarily for Microsoft Word Users. The 
OpenOffice attempt was intended to show me possible errors. I agree that OOo 
should be second choice for testing but it would be cool if RTF from FOP  
worked in OOo as well.


The footnote-thing is not over yet. There is a controlWord like "ftnallt" 
written in RTFFootnote which certainly is a typo and should be "ftnalt" which 
indicates "show Footnotes at the End, somehow as Endnotes" by the way... 

F.i. Word97 RTF footnote-numbers seem to be controlled by "\chftn 	Automatic 
footnote reference (footnotes follow in a group) & \ftnstartN 	Beginning 
footnote number (the default is 1)."  which is not used by FOP-RTF. The 
FOP-RTF approach seems to be bound to footnote-creating in xsl-FO, which 
makes it hard to create a proper footnote (the footnote-body pair of (number 
orreference) plus text is becoming a kind of space separated paragraph in 
RTF, the foonotes will be not changeable therefore)

Is someone working on the RTF branch to ask or coordinate? 

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