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From William Gilbert <gilb...@informagen.com>
Subject Re: RE : [fop-users] [sigma] print greek sigma character on fop 0.20.5
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2005 17:59:26 GMT

>> I would like to print a sigma character on my generated PDF
>> I use FOP version 0.20.5 and I can't change this version.
> The Numeric Character References should work, provided the font
> you're using has a glyph for the desired character... (# means that
> the used font doesn't have a glyph for sigma)

Try this.....

A "greek character" indeed has a unicode value but only the "Symbol"  
font has a "glyph" for that unicode character.  A glyph is the way a  
character is drawn on the screen or on paper.

     <fo:inline font-family="Symbol">&#x03A3;</fo:inline>

Now, encoding these in your incoming XML is another trick entirely!!  
One which I have not entirely mastered but have been successful with.

--will gilbert
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